A Day in the Life: Valerie Mocker

Every week we ask another person to have a look at their schedule. This week: Valerie Mocker, a tech-for-good investor and international speaker, who helps organisations use the digital transformation as a force for good

Valerie Mocker’s mission is enabling more people to shape the future. She also hosts the Wingwomen Show, a Youtube channel dedicated to bringing the next generation of leaders into the rooms of power – where today, younger generations and women have too little control over how we fund and shape the future. Valerie started leading her first teams with 23 and built her first multi-million dollar fund with 26. She worked in Germany, Spain, Peru and the UK, is part of the “40 under 40” leaders list by Capital and holds two degrees (both first class) from the University of Oxford. She writes a column about the opportunities of technology and digitalisation in the business newspaper Handelsblatt. Recently, she also gave an amazing and insightful TED talk.


06.30 – 07.00
Reading: I make coffee with our Aeropress and sit in our kitchen in Oxford reading a book that is not related to my work (currently a biography about Winston Churchill)

07.00 – 07.20
Meditation: Daily meditation, exercise and sleep are the best time investments I have ever made, because that way, you build an immune system against any stress the day might bring

07.20 – 07.30
Dance off: I go wild to one song (today it was Aretha Franklin “Think”)

07.30– 08.20
Sport: On my rowing machine, yoga or cycling along Oxford’s canals

08.20 – 09.00
Transition: I get ready while running back and forth between the bathroom and my vision board (where I keep a lot of ideas and motivational cards) to write down all the ideas I get when brushing my teeth

09.00 – 09.30
 1-thing exercise: I start each day by asking myself “What is one thing I (and we as a team) can do today to make everything else easier”, so we stay innovative & productive and not just busy

09.30 – 13.00
Creative time: I use this time for solving hard problems, reviewing our strategy, analytics or OKRs (objectives and key results), getting my head around new things that are important to our business, or preparing talks or writing

13.00 – 14.00
Slack, Emails, Social Media Hour: My team knows that I generally do not check any of these before 1pm and that they call for urgent things; this shift away from what most people do (check them first thing in the morning) has probably been the most powerful productivity booster for me

14.00 – 15.00
Team check-ins

15.00 – 17.00
Calls and meetings 

17.00 – 18.00
 Worry slot: Anything I worry about goes into this slot and I deal with it then, a great hack that keeps your mind (more) stress-free during the rest of the day

18.00 – 19.00
Q&A: I keep bullet points during the day on questions I had or when I wondered, how certain things work and look for answers in the evening, feels very good to finish the day learning new things

19.00 – 20.00
 Dinner: My husband and I often dance one or two songs of Salsa or Tango in the kitchen

 Bedtime: I sleep on average 9 hours and prioritise that over many other things, because good leaders have to provide two things: clarity and energy. Sleep is so important for both, and if you don’t get enough sleep you have no clarity or energy to give to your teams


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