London’s Most Inspiring Female Founders

Parenthood presented Estelle Lloyd and her partner with the challenges of the Internet safety of their children when their daughter came across inappropriate content on Youtube.

“You’d be surprised how quickly you can go from Peppa Pig to Game of Thrones“, she recalls. “The way kids access content through mobile devices is really scary for parents.”

Mobile devices were even being used in classrooms, making Estelle realize it was impossible for parents to fight against the digital change. There needed to be a 100% safe space for children online. Driven by this, Estelle and her partner Douglas created Azoomee, the multimedia platform that would offer positive screen time and learning opportunities for 21st-century skills. There are no ads, no payment options, and no inappropriate content.

Furthermore, it appeared that teaching in schools was lacking in essential skills needed for today’s society and future jobs, such as social-emotional learning skills around science, technology, and robotics. So, although the platform started with mainly video content, they ended up building a vast library of around 150 fun and educational games, ranging from endless runner games to tech games, even to sorting-out-the-recycling games.

Exciting times are on the horizon for Azoomee, as Estelle tells us “having proven the business model in the UK and a few other countries, 2019 is the year we go global.”

In terms of advice for other female entrepreneurs who are just starting out, Estelle highlights one essential resource needed as new businesses go through great highs, but also extreme lows: passion. “If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, it will sustain you. It will drive you, it will support you in these moments.”

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