Female Entrepreneurs of the Future 2019

SnackBaron was founded by Shah in 2016 in Stetten. The idea behind SnackBaron was to deliver healthy snacks to homes and offices, promoting contemporary snacking for those in the new generation particular about vegan, paleo, protein, and gluten-free diets. SnackBaron supplies snack boxes to homes on a subscription basis and snack stations and micromarkets for teams in offices.

“Female Entrepreneurs of the Future is a platform where I, as a woman, am being heard and respected as an entrepreneur in a massively male domain. Thank you!”

For the second time, “Female Entrepreneurs of the Future”, the joint initiative of The Association of German Women Entrepreneurs, Global Digital Women, BRIGITTE Academy and Amazon, is supporting the owners and managers of those companies that would like to expand their stationary businesses by launching online trading, or by expanding their existing online presence. The core of the program would be individual attention for all participants by expert coaches – all of them who are experienced company founders, e-commerce experts, Amazon retailers or bloggers.

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