Franziska von Lewinski

1. What is the best advice ever received?

The advice of Arianna Huffington “Sleep Your Way To The Top” has been with me since I heard a lecture from her. It was about the misconception of our society, that success depends on the number of hours we spend in the office. Some managers even boast about how little sleep they need. Sleep is incredibly important for making good decisions. There is practically no element in our lives that is not improved by adequate sleep.

2. What gets you out of bed every morning?

I am very grateful for the fact that I can balance my family and career. This enables me to do what I love every day: to face new challenges, solve complex problems, work with interesting personalities and at the same time spend time with my loved ones.

3. What are your next milestones?

For me personally, I have never developed plans, but rather seized the opportunities that have opened up to me. I want to continuously develop the content of the fischerAppelt Group and raise our agency model to a new level every day. So that every CMO has us on the screen.

4. What is your best analog moment?

My free time belongs to my children, my family. I particularly enjoy reading a story to my children in the evening before they fall asleep and diving into other worlds with them.