Natascha Zeljko
FemaleOneZero is addressing mega-trends of the new working environment: empowerment, digitalization, and diversity. The editorial website was co-founded by Natascha Zeljko, former deputy editor-in-chief of the women’s magazine Myself (first published by Condé Nast Germany, later by Funke Mediengruppe). Natascha Zeljko is also acting as F10’s chief editor. “We believe that digitalization has created momentum that finally allows women to communicate and open up. Digitalization is, therefore, becoming a driving force behind diversity. F10 wishes to be the voice and the stage for women from all over the world who want to actively shape the digital change.”
Weronika Pukrop
Weronika Pukrop is F10’s editor assistant. She studied Journalism and Media in Leicester, England and, along not so glamorous student jobs, she worked for many publications, devoting her time to what she loves the most: writing. She is very interested in languages and their structure, that’s why she did her Master’s degree in Translation Studies at University of Leicester. At F10 she combines her love for writing and feminism. Weronika is also a bookworm and her favourite segment is the weekly series ‘Book of the Week’. At the office you’ll either find her frowning at the screen of her laptop or playing with the office dog Luke. The company and editorial department’s principal office is situated in Munich. Any questions? Write us! editor@femaleonezero.com